Sustainable Efforts at the Atlantic City Convention Center

Located just blocks from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantic City Convention Center is committed to preserving its unique seaside environment while providing a safe, healthy atmosphere for our guests. “Going Green” has consistently been one of the Center’s main operating objectives, earning the facility inclusion as a founding member of the Convene Green Alliance. The facility has successfully reduced energy consumption every year since the building opened in 1997. Spectra's management team remains committed to exploring new opportunities to better conserve and reuse our valuable resources.

Energy Efficiency 

Due to past efforts by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA), the Atlantic City Convention Center installed the largest single roof mounted solar array in the United States on top of the facility in 2009. The solar roof consists of 13,000 individual panels and covers over 290,000 square feet.  To date, it has produced 29% of the building’s total electrical consumption, most recently accounting for 31% in 2017.  The Atlantic City Convention Center anticipates savings of nearly $4.4 million in electricity costs since its debut through 2029.

Sustainability Efforts

OVG360 has invested in large cages on wheels that enable the exhibitors and decorators alike to recycle with ease. Since the cages are see through and labeled appropriately as “cardboard”, “vinyl” “clear plastic” or “styrofoam”, they make it very convenient for all to recognize the correct placement for their waste. The easier the process, the more the venue is able to recycle, and the more we can recycle the more we divert from the landfill which saves dollars to the bottom line.